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"Pacific II" - 2021 Photo by Greg Cromer

"Pacific II" - 2021 Photo by Greg Cromer

$2,000,000.00 $4,338,500.00
As I was taking this photo during our drive down the Pacific Coast Highway this June... I was reminded of "Rhein II" taken in 1999 by Andreas Gursky.
It actually sold at a Christies auction in 2011 for $4,338,500.00 and held the record for highest priced photograph sold until 2014.  You can read about this record holding photo and its stupendous price tag here:
Although my new photo of the Pacific Ocean from a PCH overlook is much too hazy and featureless to be entered into my official aerial photo collection ( I began to muse that this photo might be at least as good as the multi-million dollar seller, and perhaps even more interesting to look at. I'm not really a judge of such things... but unashamedly... I do like my photo better.
So for the first time ever... I will create a single print of my photo... which I'm calling "Pacific II". (There is no "Pacific I"... just so you know... just going with the theme here.) The size is 20x28, mounted and framed in a fairly non-descript blue/gray Michael's ready-made frame. It should look really nice that way.
Personally, I think that $4,338,500. is a tad bit steep for a single framed 20x28" photo... so I'm offering to sell my "Pacific II" to the first buyer at the relatively bargain price of just $2,000,000. (That way, I get to keep at least a cool million after taxes... and the new owner might someday auction it off at Christies and set an all-time NEW record!)
Please share this post far and wide to help me find the future buyer of this single print edition of this new photograph. Thanks in advance for your support.
Love and kisses - Greg C.